Therapy provides an opportunity to explore past and current patterns that are keeping you from living authentically with meaningful connections.  I work with clients in the midst of difficult times as they struggle to sort through challenging situations and emotions and make meaning of such experiences.   I also work with clients who are not necessarily in crisis, but who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of themselves that will enable them to live richer, fuller lives.  I engage collaboratively with my clients to determine the objectives of their therapy, and see my role as that of guide and interpreter rather than a source of answers and solutions.

I have extensive experience in working with issues of substance abuse, as well as domestic violence (both perpetrators and survivors), caretaking of parents and loved ones, and parenting.   As well, I enjoy helping clients with issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, and life transitions.

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Many elements inform my practice:  training in clinical social work, a 20-year career in business, and my role as a parent, to name just a few.

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