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Divorce re-forms families. Instead of two parents living under one roof, there are now two homes where the children live, each with its own distinct culture and traditions. Ideally, the transition to this new world order goes smoothly, and the children adjust with relative ease.

At its worst, divorce can devastate a family.  At its "best," divorce can be part of a process that helps a family re-establish itself in a new and workable form.  Children are the innocents in a divorce process;  they have not precipitated this event, but this is frequently one of the most significant events in their lives to date.  Invariably, parents want to ensure their children's health and well-being during this challenging time.  For many, this involves seeking resources that facilitate the transition.

Divorce is a traumatic experience, and one of life's most devastating transitions.  Whether you are the initiator of your divorce or the spouse receiving the news of your partner's desire to end the marriage, there is a significant emotional component to your divorce.  It is essential to acknowledge and attend to those emotions;  ideally, you are able to access resources and manage your feelings in a way that helps you preserve your family, your parenting relationship and your dignity. 

The end of a marriage represents not only a loss, but also a new beginning.  If you're newly divorced, a lot more than marital status has probably changed.  This is a time to take stock and make some plans.  What sorts of goals do you have for yourself emotionally, socially, financially, professionally or as a parent?  You may have already begun to consider what your post-marital life looks like in some or all of these areas, the divorce process may have given you some tools with which to approach these, you may be working through these issues in therapy, or meeting with

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