November 2011

At its worst, divorce can devastate a family.  At its "best," divorce can be part of a process that helps a family re-establish itself in a new and workable form.  Children are the innocents in a divorce process;  they have not precipitated this event, but this is frequently one of the most significant events in their lives to date.  Invariably, parents want to ensure their children's health and well-being during this challenging time.  For many, this involves seeking resources that facilitate the transition.

Divorce re-forms families. Instead of two parents living under one roof, there are now two homes where the children live, each with its own distinct culture and traditions. Ideally, the transition to this new world order goes smoothly, and the children adjust with relative ease.

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Many elements inform my practice:  training in clinical social work, a 20-year career in business, and my role as a parent, to name just a few.

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